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January 27, 2010

I have the worlds greatest friends.  People who are always there for me.  Show me support in ways that I didn’t know existed.  Make me laugh and toss me a tissue when I cry!  I don’t know what I did for God place these people in my life but I am not going to question. 

I want to talk about one friend in particular.  This friend covers my classes when I need to take a break.  She brings me lunch.  Shops till we drop or find the greatest deals!  She never questions my decisions and supports me in every move I make.  She shares my love for mission work and the desire to change the world one stamp at a time  🙂  Not many people would take up a huge task without reaping any benefits.  She is the most gracious and humble person I know.   I am honored to be her friend and know whatever paths we choose, we will be friends forever (and yes I know that sounds cheesy!).

 I wish and pray that you are as blessed as I am in friendship!  Love to you all!!



January 20, 2010

My sister said I need to update my blog, so here it goes….

October 2009 a friend and I decided we wanted to do something to help educate children in Africa.  We both love to make greeting cards using rubber stamps and ribbon (that would be Essel 🙂 )  and thought this might be a good place to start.  We designed everyday greeting cards and holiday cards and made an astonishing $550 for the scholarships!  Definitely not what I thought we would do.  I assumed we would make $100 – $200. 

Our goal is to create scholarships for children in Africa to attend school.  I have been to Africa 3 times and it bothers me that children are not in school.  There are many reasons why some children are out of school but the main one is money.  To be honest that infuriates me.  I don’t like the fact that kids can’t afford to attend school and I want to do something to change that.  I truly believe that education is the only way to better yourself and these kids deserve a chance.  I have connections in a beautiful village in S. Africa so our journey begins there. 

We are working on paperwork to become “legit”.  It is a very, very expensive and laboring process but it’s one that we are wiling and eager to take on. 

If you would like to help, here are some options:

1.  Purchase some cards through the Cards 4 Kids program by clicking the link below

2.  Fill out our paperwork for the IRS!!  haha…serioulsy though, we’ll take the help.

3.  Donate money to the cause either purchasing cards or towards the start-up.

4.  Purchase supplies through Stampin’ Up  – this is the company we buy our supplies – you can do so through Essel.

5.  Pass this along to your friends, family, co-workers, metro riders!!!  We need your help to spread the word! 

6. Pray for the success of our journey and that God will bless our every move so we can help children become successful.  After all, the children are OUR future. 

I will try to update my blog weekly or when I something important to share!