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My new favorite

September 15, 2010

Dale is a kindergarten student at my school in Florida.  I first met Dale at my lovely morning car duty during the first week of school.  I stand outside every morning with a few patrols and open car doors and greet the kids and parents.  Some of the cars drive up way too fast, play really loud music, and ignore me as I say “good morning”.  Then you have the cutie pies who wave to you in the car, jump out say good morning and give you a hug.  Dale is one of those precious ones!   His mom is really polite and greets me each morning by name.  Last week Dale gave me an envelope with a picture inside (below). 

This is me and Dale!  As my sister so kindly pointed out – he made me skinny 🙂 

This morning Dale’s mom told me that he thinks of me at night and draws me pictures!  Here is today’s artwork!

I asked him to tell me about the picture because sometimes I have a hard time deciphering what everything is.  He said “you, me, flowers, heart, and the sun”.  Then he gave me 2 huge hugs.  He is quickly becoming my new favorite!  Now if the rest of the kids would be this sweet, I’d really like it here!  Maybe tomorrow…..


Baby steps

September 8, 2010

Today was test day.  I sat in a 3rd grade classroom for 2 hours watching these kids take 2 math benchmark tests given by the county.  I watched as a girl answered almost every question wrong and I just wanted to guide her through each question but I would have been fired!  I understand these tests help show the teachers where the students are but it doesn’t help that the test doesn’t have the correct numbers and the answer letters are missing and some of the questions were cut off. I feel bad for the students who were struggling because of the mistakes on the test.  Did I mention this test came from the COUNTY that way?!  Isn’t that crazy?  Then you have the few kids who couldn’t have possibly read the questions because they were done way too fast. 

The highlight of my day was when I was leaving a sweet girl said “bye Miss D” and I turned and said “bye sweetie” (b/c I don’t have all their names down yet, especially when I see them so infrequently) and just as I turned back to go out the door a boy said “I hate her”.  Really kid?  Geez.  I walked back to his table and said “That’s fine if you hate me b/c I hate you too”  Ok, I didn’t say the last part but I may have thought it!  I said “you can’t say things like that aloud b/c that hurts my feelings”.  I don’t think he really cared which is the saddest part of all.   I left school feeling discouraged.  It’s hard starting at square one with students and staff.  I gained 9 years of respect at my old school and I guess I thought it would automatically carryover!  I know it’ll happen…baby steps.