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It was a good day.

February 6, 2011

I haven’t had a good day at work in a long time.   Some of that is probably my fault, but I’d like to blame everyone else 😉  Part of my job this year is to do RTI (Response to Intervention) with all grade levels.  I pull a few students out of the classroom to work on specific areas where they are struggling.  I have been working with 3 Kindergarten students on letter recognition, letter sounds, writing CVC words, etc… 2 of the 3 students are doing ok, 1 is absolutely lost.  She doesn’t know her alphabet, she doesn’t know sounds, basically she’s really behind.  We’ve been working for a few weeks now and it’s been kinda frustrating.  She knows how to spell CAT but doesn’t know sounds or can’t form the word “BAT”.  Friday I was working her and another student and I noticed that she was able to spell “at” words and sound them out correctly.  We moved to the “it” family and she was spelling 8 out of 10 correctly.  I was excited, giving her high-fives.  You could tell she was proud of herself and that made my day!  Her classroom teacher is awesome and has done such a great job with her.  I’d like to think I helped a little!  But it’s the moments like this that remind me why I love being a teacher.