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Team Tanzania 2011

April 26, 2011

This will be my 4th mission trip to Africa, 1st to Tanzania.  With each trip, getting to know your team members can be both exciting and terrifying.  You eat, sleep, cry, work together and if you don’t get along the trip can be a disaster.  My last 3 trips have had a close friend or family member on the team.  This time, I’m alone…..or so I thought.  My team consists of 6 adults and 9 teens.  I believe only 3 of the members have been to Tanzania.  Some of us have gone to other parts of the world on mission trips so we have an idea of what to expect.  Then there are the newbies!  Their excitement and trepidation is contagious!  Although I must admit that I am not envious about their vaccinations!  Luckily, I am pretty much “up to date” with my shots!  Which is great because they are pricey and they hurt!

One advantage of living in Jacksonville is that I am able to get to know my team members!  We have a had a few informational meetings where we received tons of information on camping supplies, packing lists, vaccination requirements, basically, you name it, we discussed it!  These meetings have allowed us to just relax and learn about each other.  For example, I know that the red headed boy is full of energy and will probably drive me nuts (in a good way :)).  I learned that my Pastor is an amazing man of God and I’m honored to take this trip with him!   I learned that J.P. puts up with a lot from M.P. and M.P. will most likely be sleeping in the corner or outside the tent!  Most of all, I learned that my team is filled with beautiful souls and amazing hearts.  I am thankful that God led me to them!

Please keep in mind that this picture was taken after a full day of work, after school Chorus, and 2.5 hours of busing tables, refreshing drinks, and standing on my feet!  I was tired.  Oh, and the cow is not going to Tanzania 😉