I’m so completely humbled by some of your kind words.  I don’t feel deserving of some of the beautiful comments but I’ll take them anyway!

I feel as though I need to be completely honest with you, so I hope this entry gives you a greater understanding of how I am feeling.

Guilt.  I am full of it.  I don’t feel guilty about coming back to my life.  I think I live a modest life.  I don’t drive a fancy car or live in a mansion.  I have worked hard for the things I have and I am grateful.  The guilt is from jumping back into my life the way it was before I left.  I had no problem waking up at 6, walking down to the creek to “shower”, eating a simple breakfast, and working on the clinic.

It rained one afternoon, which PR said would NEVER happen, but God apparently had other plans!  I sat in my tent completely relaxed and enjoying the sound of the rain hit my tent.  I didn’t need an electronic distraction nor did I want one.  I was content.

Ok, well if I’m being honest, I should tell you that I did listen to my iPod for a little bit that rainy afternoon.  But I did it for my tent neighbors – I know they loved the mini singing concert!!!

I have let myself become distracted with things that I didn’t think about for 3 weeks.   I didn’t miss TV, my phone, or the internet.  I enjoyed reading the bible….it’s actually quite good!  I enjoyed the stillness of Maasai lifestyle.  I’m ashamed that I am not embracing that part of the culture as much as I would like.  The Maasai are so content with what they have.  They value family.  We often value material objects too much.

I learned a lot from my 3 weeks in the bush.  I learned a lot about myself.  I’m trying to not let the guilt I am feeling overwhelm me and stay focused on what I learned.

I thank you for listening to me ramble.  So, I am going to reward you with a few more pictures!!!  The safari part of the trip was so rewarding.  At times, the drive was very peaceful.  Below are a few pictures of the trip and one video!


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