Let’s go on a safari!

The Serengeti was the perfect ending to a wonderful 17+days in the bush!  My pictures and videos did not capture the beauty of the safari.  It’s something that everyone should have on their bucket list!

We spent an entire day driving though a small section of the Serengeti National Park.  As we drove into the park, we saw a herd of elephants.  Absolutely amazing creatures!  It just got better from there!  We came across lions, wildebeests, giraffes, zebras, buffalo, you name it…we saw it.  After an entire day driving through the park, we made our way to the hotel.  I’m not sure what we liked most – the giraffes walking by our tent or the fact that we had a real toilet!!!!  🙂  It was a nice place to spend one night.

The next morning we headed back through the Serengeti on our way to Ngorongoro Crater.  Where a volcano once stood, there is now a beautiful crater filled with animals, water, animals!  We drove down into the crater, which was a little nerve-wracking.  Driving out of the crater was ridiculously scary.  The “road” was narrow and our van fish-tailed and I swore I was going to meet the Maker!  Luckily, we made it out and the view was gorgeous!

The roof of our vehicle popped up and it allowed us to stand.  While we were driving around the park, I was filled with such awe.  I don’t believe that the world collided with something and BANG it appeared.  It is too majestic and amazing for that.  God is one mighty fine artist!  To create each plant, rock, animal….it’s beyond our comprehension, but it makes me smile.

And poor Noah.  That ark must have been CRAZY!!!

I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking!  This is just a sample of what we saw both days!  Enjoy!!!


One Response to “Let’s go on a safari!”

  1. DeSteph Says:

    Great video and pics.

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